WOODNAT was present at the II Poplar Symposium held in Valladolid (Spain) in October 17th, 18th and 19th (www.simposiodelchopo.es). Several researchers, forest managers, landowners, industry technicians and many other stakeholders from the poplar sector participated in this 3-day meeting celebrated in the Castilla-León region, where around 44,000 ha of poplar planted forests are managed (more than half of the area planted in Spain).

In this scenario, CREA and Bosques Naturales presented an oral communication regarding the experiences of CREA in Italy with polycyclic plantations mixing walnut, poplar and short rotation coppice for biomass production. For the presentation in the Congress, we also got advantage from the collaboration with Mª Ángeles Ripoll, a researcher from the IFAPA (Granada, Spain) who participates in close relation with Bosques Naturales in several research trials regarding the management of walnut planted forests in Granada either in pure and mixed planted forests with poplar.

The communication (in Spanish) has been uploaded to the ResearchGate WOODNAT site and it can be downloaded using this link [www.researchgate.net/publication/328760254_PLANTACIONES_POLICICLICAS_MIXTAS_NOGALES_CHOPOS_Y_BIOMASA_DE_ROTACION_CORTA]

In addition to this, a video recorded during the oral communication can be seen using the following link [www.simposiodelchopo.es/sites/default/files/videos/mesa_04.mp4] from minute 1:39 to 1:46.cache_13226465