Thanks to the close collaboration between BOSQUES NATURALES and CREA within the WOODNAT project, we have just launched a definitive version of the silvicultural manual: Silvicultural guide to managing walnut plantations for timber production. This manual is published with the ISBN code 978-84-09-12163-2.


The objective of this guide is to be a silvicultural manual analyzing the considered as the better practices to be applied for hybrid walnut (Juglans x intermedia) plantation management oriented to timber production, taking into account scientific literature and the experience in the sector of the companies who compound the Woodnat consortium. This guide tentatively answers the questions any forest manager would have about walnut planted forests. Applied with common sense, combined with new information as available and modified when needed, these guidelines should be useful tools for the management of walnut planted forests under different cultivation systems and circumstances.


This publication will be freely available to be downloaded either in the Woodnat webpage and in Researchate.


The recommended citation for this publication is:


Fernández-Moya J, Urbán-Martínez I, Pelleri F, Castro G, Bergante S, Giorcelli A, Gennaro M, Licea-Moreno RJ, Santacruz Pérez D, Gutiérrez-Tejón E, Homar-Sánchez C, Bidini C, Chiarabaglio PM, Manetti MC, Plutino M, Sansone D (2019) Silvicultural guide to managing walnut plantations for timber production. ISBN 978-84-09-12163-2. Pp 76