Bosques Naturales and CREA organized a specific session dedicated to WOODNAT at the International Congress on Planted Forests 2018 celebrated in Beijing (China) (, with the title “WOODNAT project: enhancing the walnut (Juglans sp.) planted forests for timber production”.

The 2 hours session focused on walnut planted forests for timber production followed the integral approach which is the base of the WOODNAT project and covered technical issues from nurseries to management of planted forests and timber market and industry. In addition to these technical issues, a first block of presentations was focused on the description of the global situation of these kinds of forests in Europe, in USA and in Chile.

In addition to the presence of the WOODNAT partners from CREA and Bosques Naturales, the session included the communications of other collaborators such as Veronica Loewe (INFOR, Chile), Douglas Jacobs (Purdue University, USA), Piero Paris (CNR-IRET, Italy) and Mª Rosa Mosquera (USC, Spain).

The communications have been uploaded to the ResearchGate WOODNAT site and it can be downloaded using this link []

After the Congress, Bosques Naturales participated in the International Workshop for Heads of Forest Research Institutions entitled “Forest Research in Response to Climate Change” organized by the Chinese Academy of Forestry Science who organized an event for the celebration of their 60th Anniversary: Congratulations!!